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How to see Nozbe in a whole new way – ReVuDo

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Almost two months ago I announced both the release of an open source .Net library for writing programs and scripts that access Nozbe, and something that I had code named WinNozbe until I could think of a real name.  My intention was to develop this Windows client for Nozbe publicly so that anyone could comment and steer its development.

Tonight I finally reached the point where the program was useful, even if it is so very far away from version 1.

Version 0.1 of ReVuDo is now available here.

So why did I name it ReVuDo?  First, I did not want Nozbe in the name.  That name is not mine and I did not want to step on someone else’s trademark.  I actually need to ask Michael Sliwinski if he will forgive Nozbe.Net’s name.  If not, I will need to rename it.

The second reason for the name was that I wanted the new name to be as unique as Nozbe’s.  Something that could be found easily in the vastness of the Internet.

Finally, I wanted a name that meant something.  What does ReVuDo mean?  The ultimate lesson of GTD: Review, decide, then do.

So, what should I enhance first?


Written by mwkoehler

2011/06/06 at 11:28 pm

Posted in GTD, ReVuDo, Windows

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