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First I started to work on printing, then…

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Right after the last release, I immediately started work on printing.  This was initially a lot of research and a little bit of writing code, but as I learned what I needed to know the coding sped up.  But, things started to not feel right.  In a previous post I wrote about listening to your product.  Adding printing brought this on in a big way.

What seemed like small things at first quickly ran into deferred design decisions, forcing me to rethink how all of the windows worked.  One way to look at it is that the printer is just another kind of screen.  Adding printing was less like adding something new, and more like adding support for a different way to display ReVuDo’s windows. The internal rewrite took most of the time that has passed.

One good thing that came of it is that ReVuDo no longer considers the project list to be the main window, special and above all the others.  They are all just windows now, and at some point I will be adding an option to select the window you want to see first.  For me its Projects, but you might prefer Next Actions.

As I post this, printing works with one issue: the printing is cut off on the right edge.  It’s past midnight and I cannot see why that is happening.   A truly productive person knows when it is time to sleep.  The answer will probably be clearer in the morning.


Written by mwkoehler

2011/07/29 at 12:25 am

Posted in ReVuDo

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  1. Sleep sounds like the right decision. Hope it’s crystal clear for you today. Thanks for keeping us posted, looking forward to the next update no matter what it brings.


    2011/07/29 at 7:27 am

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