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ReVuDo 0.3.6 – Printing and Filtering Nozbe lists

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This update adds some great new capabilities.  Download the latest!


First, as I mentioned in my last post, printing makes it’s debut. You will notice that all the windows (projects, contexts and the various views on tasks) now have a toolbar and a Print button has been added.

The Print button let’s you print the contents of the window, so if you have a filter set, only items matching the filter will be printed. Very handy if you don’t want the whole list. In addition to supporting filtering, once you click print (or type Ctrl+P), a dialog will ask you if you want to print only the selected items. Say for example that there are three projects you want to print. Just highlight all three, Print, and select the option to “Print only selected items”. Through filtering or selecting, you can print just what you need.

On that same print options dialog, you have the option for project lists and context lists to print the related tasks and, if you are, whether each project’s or context’s task list should start on a new page. A good example of this is to print only your @Errands tasks. Open the Contexts window, select the Errands row, Print, select “print selected items only”, and “print tasks for each context”. In this case start the next context on a new page doesn’t matter as we only selected one context.

Once you select your options and click OK, the standard Windows print dialog will appear. In a future version I hope to merge this into the previous print options dialog and save a step, but for now we’ll just use the one Windows gives us for free. Select your printer, paper, or any other options and click OK.

Finally, ReVuDo will show you a preview of what the print out will look like. Not what you wanted? Just click Cancel. Or, click Print and the paper will start emerging from your printer.

More powerful filtering

I mentioned above that you can limit what you print by using the filter. To make that even more useful, the filter was been updated to use a Google like syntax:

Upper and lowercase text are treated as being the same.

this that — will find items containing both words.
this OR that — will find items that have either or both words. Note that OR must be in caps to distinguish it from the word or.
“this that” — will find items where both words are next to each other.

-this — finds items that do not contain the word this.
-“this that” — finds items that do not contain the phrase “this that”.

This is much more powerful then the simple search that we had before, but we can take it to another level:

name:this — will, depending on what you are filtering, match only project names, context names, or task names containing the word this.

Basically any column header can be used this way to filter on just that column. You can even search on next:true or next:false to filter tasks on whether or not they are next actions. A negative like -context:home would find tasks that do not have a context of home.  date:July would find tasks with due dates in July. And while description:that will search project descriptions for the word “that”, desc:that will do the same and save some typing.

I’m not sure if I’m more excited for printing or the more powerful filtering. They’re both great additions that let you do more.


One final change: The About window has been redesigned to better match the rest of ReVuDo, and a Check for New Version button has been added.

What’s Next?

What’s next? Exporting is the next big thing to add, and then I will dive into letting you make changes and sync them with Nozbe. For those wondering about files, Evernote and Dropbox support; I plan to add them after allowing updates.

Big things are coming!

Is there a feature you wish I would add?  Let me know!

Is ReVuDo helping you?  Let everyone else know by clicking one of the Share options below.


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2011/08/02 at 9:20 pm

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