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RevuDo 0.4.8 – Edit Projects, Teams, Almost Tasks

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I really hoped to get editing Tasks into the next public release of RevuDo, but I reached the point where I felt it was time to release a new version, even if you can only look, not touch, Tasks.

First, let me thank Emanuele who reported that RevuDo was crashing for some types of Nozbe accounts. This is resolved in this version. If you tried RevuDo before and it crashed after logging in, please try this version and let me know how it goes.

Another thank you is owed to Paul for pointing out that completed tasks where appearing in the last version. This led to a complete re-do of handling completed versus incomplete tasks that I will describe more below.

Editing Projects is now supported as you can see:

RevuDo Project Toolbar

The Add and Edit button also appear on the Task window tool bar, but there is no way to save the changes yet. It’s actually half built, but I removed the Save button for this release. The main reason is I have to finish creating a way to edit the related project, contexts, team members, and such that will allow searching, selecting one or more, or adding a new one as needed. This is in progress and will be the focus of the next release, but I did not want to hold the release any longer. After all, the whole point of this was to release new updates as I went along so you could take advantage of the features as they came.

You will also notice that the Task windows now includes a Show Done button on the tool bar that will include tasks marked as done in the list. The button will toggle to Hide Done if clicked, and clicking it again will hide tasks marked as completed. This was added both as part of fixing the issue reported by Paul, and to set the stage for marking tasks done in the next version. As a result of this change, I had to change how RevuDo syncs with Nozbe as I was not fetching completed items, only retaining them after they were marked done in Nozbe. So after installing this new version, RevuDo will reload the local cache from scratch and pull all your completed projects and tasks from Nozbe. This will take a little extra time. I will add a Show/Hide Done button to the projects window in the next version.

Finally, RevuDo 0.4.8 adds support for teams. Both the Projects windows and the Tasks windows have added columns that you can sort or filter on for who created the item and who is assigned to the task. This is an area where I need your help. I am not a member of a team using Nozbe, so I cannot fully test this feature.

Please download RevuDo 0.4.8, give it a try and let me know where I need to do better.


Written by mwkoehler

2012/02/27 at 10:28 pm

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  1. Hi Michael,

    This is a really useful tool. (Version

    On a daily basis the ability to find projects without a next action is really useful. (This should be a core feature of the Nozbe website in my view. Under ‘Actions without contexts’ there should be a ‘Projects without Next action’ link.)

    The ability to select and print out tasks by project enables me to do my weekly review without using a computer – which is always a distraction for me anyway.

    I do have a some feature requests regarding the print feature:

    * Could the printout include the time required and the due date? (If time required by a project could be totaled up even better!)

    * Comments can get quite long on some tasks, could there be an option to clip them to a few lines? Or perhaps remove them altogether?

    * Ability to print just the tasks on a project that have been completed. Some of my projects are work projects where I have to report what I have done.

    Thanks again for this really useful tool.

    Charles Crichton

    Charles Crichton

    2012/03/19 at 6:34 am

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am glad that you are finding it useful.

      As for the requests I think they are all doable. I will add them to the list and see how quickly I can add them.

      The ability to print completed tasks should be possible now actually. Select any of the task views (a project, Inbox, All Tasks, etc) and click Show Done. All of the completed items will be shown. Click the Completed column to sort on date completed. Click again so the completed tasks sort to the top rather than the bottom. From here you can select the ones you want and print them. I will think about ways to just say print tasks completed between two dates, but this should help for now.


      2012/03/19 at 10:25 am

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