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Nozbe Desktop 1.0

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Some history

Almost a year ago, on April 26th, 2011, I posted some thoughts on why the future of the cloud was the Evernote model.  There will always be issues that take down a web service, but a local app that syncs with the web service allows work to continue with the local copy.  Further, a Mac or Windows client can still do so much more than a web page can.  Working offline is just one.

On June 6th, 2011, I released my first step to providing a Windows app that would provide that for Nozbe.  Early early days, but it was a first step.

On July 15th, 2011, Nozbe released their first beta of the new Nozbe desktop client for Mac and Windows.

On February 27th, I released ReVuDo for Nozbe 0.4.8, another step toward the goal of a fully functional Windows client for Nozbe.

Finally, yesterday, Nozbe released version 1.0 of their desktop client.

In one year the Nozbe world has come a long way.  I know how hard Michael, Tomasz and Delfina have worked to get to this point, and I see the foundation for great things in the new app.

Desktop 1.0

I like a lot about the new desktop app.  Working offline is a big help, and the ability to filter Next Actions by project or context is one of those things that drove me to write my own client!  Not everything is there, but I can see where the missing items would fit.  The new type # to enter context, project, date whatever is a wonderful addition (I have to add that to ReVuDo!).  I am going to be switching to the new desktop app on Windows and leaving the web version for times when I am not at my own computer.

The biggest negative for me is that there are not enough ways to work without a mouse.  The keyboard is so much faster, and a tool like Nozbe has to be fast and easy.  I hope this will be addressed in 1.1. Performance has gotten a lot better, but I would like to see it be even faster.  Finally, better filtering, adding sorting and other things are long anticipated, but I know they needed to build this foundation first.

This is an exciting time.  Just think what another year will bring!


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2012/03/30 at 4:18 pm

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